Ultra Low Power Sensing

We Are Specialized In Designing ULP Sensing Solutions

A Solution That Collects Data From The Environment While Keeping Itself Alive On Coin-Cell Battery For Years!


Winning Solution!

Our Solutions Is Award Winning!

2015 | 1st winner Of Nour IoT labs in Egypt.
2016 Samsung Winner

2016 CIT Egypt | one of the top 3 most leading IoT companies


Patent In Progress!

BLE Swarm Intelligence

Qoudra has signed a partnership contract with IPLMedia co. which has been founded by the Egyptian scientist Dr.Hatim Zaghloul to register/market a new Bluetooth patent. this adds a new dimension for Bluetooth IoT based solutions. More About Dr.Hatim here

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What We Do?

Life is built by humanity. Technology is here to make humanity life easier. The environment is the asset that we can't reproduce.

We build people to enhance humanity life and save the environment by utilizing technologies.

Qoudra is a unique System Integrator, Bringing IR4.0 to your doorstep with end to end solutions,including Hardware design,fabrication, Firmware and software.

Qoudra believes that Edge Computing and decentralized computing are the future. Thus, all our systems are designed with future in mind.

service 1

Ultra Low Power Sensing R&D

Qoudra develop creative ULP products based on IoT technologies

service 2

Predictive Maintenance

Providing information & alarms that saves money!

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Empowering people

Qoudra develops talent, enhances capabilities of both teams and customers.

Products That We Developed

We Are Proud To Introduce Some!

project 1

Cloud IDE for Bluetooth Low Energy Development

CloudIDE for Distributed Bluetooth Development

Deploying Bluetooth beacons needs lots of planning. flashing firmware on distributed nodes adds more complexity. our tool made this process simple and straightforward. now you can deploy,debug and develop on bluetooth nodes remotly using our Cloud IDE!.
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project 2

Bluetooth Ultra Low Power Tracking

Use Cases    Iot,Firmware, Cloud,Mobile,Produt Design

Beacon IoT Solution which gives you the power of deploying personalized services over bluetooth using beacons. you can monitor your beacons performance and collect analytics about users such that you can customize offers and cmopaigns for them. the solution can be connected to LCDs to view personalized advertising compaigns according to realtime statistics collected from the BLE beacons deployed.

project 3

Mirsaad Solar IoT

Solar based, IoT supported system to improve the ROI of outdoor solar light systems. An innovative monitor and control system that can track how batteries are charged and provide each battery in the system with the matching charging profile.Intelligent system for real estate developers, government and facility management, helping to Improve the maintenance process and provide full control.

Ultra Low Power Sensing

Mirsaad is a special system for sensors fusion that enable multi sensors to send data to Internet while being able to operate at a very low power level so there is no need for external power source. The sensors’ stations can work for a minimum period of 3 years without the need for battery change. Mirsaad system uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons at the system core to enable easy navigation in the field, allow for identifying each tree by a unique identifier. The system can track workers in the field to know if they worked, their path, their effort and time of work.
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project 5

Store Directory & Offers Engine, Powered by Beacon Technology!t

DateNovember 2015

Location based application that guides clients to attractions and business locations inside the city. The application offers full campaign management for the advertisers, where they can choose the target time, geofencing and user profile.the solution has been deployed in Rehab City, Cairo ,Egypt. The application had been downloaded 1000+ times in the soft launching period and got an average rating 4.7/5 to date.

  • project 1

    Cloud BLE Development

    Cloud IDE for Distributed Bluetooth Development

  • project 2

    Ultra Low Power Sensing

    IoT Enabler For Low Energy Applications

  • project 3

    Solar IoT Box

    Green Connectivity & Environmental Sensing

  • project 5


    Your Personalized Offer!

  • project 4

    Ultra Low Power Tracking

    Every Action is Seen!

Who We Are?

We Are Technology Geeks. In Love With All Open Source Technologies

About Us

A group of adventuress who like to change the status and work on making the world a better place, always trying to put technology in human service without scarifying the beauty of nature.We believe in challenging every thing with realistic vision.

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